Here a collection of companies we worked for in Phuket

Lotus Gardens at Layan |

We did: all inside electric installation and the TV-Data network

Villa Santi (Indochin Phuket) |

We did: the Lobby for the Hotel and completed 1 Villa

Samsara (Kamala) |

We did: some repair jobs and Garden-lights

Baan Nam Yen |

We did: finish a Villa after the Electric-Company run away

Villa Josipa at Kalim | We took over after the Electric-Company run away

Mission Hill at Talang |

We did: The underground power supply to all units

Pavilions Phuket |

We did: Changing the switches to an minimum that the customer can remember and install E-Cut cards for the Pavilions

Restaurant Kargo Kurry at Chang Talay |

We did: the finishing and installed the 3 Phase System for the electric power

Water-ski at Khatu |

We did: We installed a new system with a German Supply

We supply the UN for an after Tsunami Power check at Kho Kau Kat

and a lot of Villas for private customers…….


Boat Electric:

Kalisma (40m) |

We did: a lot of repair jobs

Tenas (40m) |

We did: repair the electric power supply 24V for the boat control

Talisman (40+m) |

We did: fix a burned wire

and some more……..