Electric, Water & Aircon Installation

Latest Project

We start after the Constructor what make the Job not easy. We bring some Idee inside and try to make the Place as nice as Possible and

I will say i like what we have done with Eddy together. even when he come with new things nearly every Day we stay and do the Job

with him and I can also say as friends. We try to get an Balance between the Investment and what getting for. Go to Eddy’s and see by yourself

” I love this Place and the good Food too”



At this House in Rawai we do install new Consumer Units with RCD to make the Electric System more safe. At the Entree we install LED Strips and also along the Pool- Wall

to Paint the Wall at night. The LED’s at the Wall get switched on/off over an Remote where we have also one Channel for the Pool-light



Its nice to have something like this at Home !!! Call us to get an Offer !!!



Steam Sauna Lighting in the Villa Project

All lights are LED technology and dimmable……

Installation on the very high ceilings of so called “Frascati Lights”

“Frascati Light” with LED. With this lighting they safe around THB 30,000.- per month in this huge villa compared  to halogen 12 volt lighting


Frascati Light


Repair the complete outside lighting after a flash ruiend the whole outside lighting. It was not only the repair we did, we also made the system more safe for futer lightning strikes.

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